Monthly Report Template

Monthly Report Template

Duplicate this page, fill it in for every month you BiP! Share it as a screenshot.
Remember: this list is over-done. You're meant to delete sections. Delete everything that does not feel like is going to feel natural to you.

April 2021 Update

Growth + Traction 🚀

Log in here figures about growth - as much as you're comfortable sharing
MRR: $____ (± ___% m/m)
Signups: ____ (± ___% m/m)
Running costs: $____ (± ___% m/m)
Profit: $____ (± ___% m/m)
Salaries: $____ (± ___% m/m)
Remember the key of bootstrapping: make more than you spend. Basic advice, but timeless.

Product 🤳

Log the major changes of your product here. Remember: numbers are attractive.
e.g. PriceUnlock localizes prices in: 10 countries (+3 countries m/m)
e.g. PriceUnlock supports now: 15 currencies (+2 currencies m/m)

Team 🤠

Log here who's on the team (thank them!), new hires, etc
If you're just by yourself, that's fine as well. Small is strong!

Usage 🏅

Log in here usage figures by your users
e.g. 1,800 prices delivered last month
e.g. 18% increases in revenue since users started using PriceUnlock
e.g. 480 pricing tests run (-8% m/m)

Building in public 📢

Log in here what progress you've made while BiP
Feel free to add any figures: impressions, likes, follows, etc.
Once again: 'bad' numbers are not a problem
Impressions: ____ (± ___% m/m)
Follower growth: ____ (± ___% m/m)
Profile visits: ____ (± ___% m/m)

In the press + media 📣

Log in here what kind of external media you've gathered: podcast appearances, articles, tweets, mentions etc.
Even if you haven't got any media attention - that's fine. In a year from now you'll look back at "No mentions this month!" and smile!

Worked, didn't work. Mistakes → Lessons 😨

Log in here the cost you paid to learn something.
NOTE: the cost can be something other than $. Sometimes it's time, sometimes it's attention
Log in here what you did that worked (and you probably want to repeat)
Turn that cost (the mistake) into a lesson: for yourself, and for others
What worked:
What didn't work:

Priorities and plans 🎯

Log in here what your priorities are for the next month
Log in here what plans you've got
Look back at what you've written above and the priorities+plans will become obvious
In case of emergency: type in here "more of the same"
🏅 Want to suggest another metric?